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Museums and libraries are the repositories of history but they remain flawed and biased in their representation. How can we disrupt the pre existing structures which surround us? How can we represent fairly our many co-existing and conflicting memories and histories?

The Museum of Half Truths will aim to answer these questions by exploiting the conventions of these institutions to present a playful take on a museum that is transparent about its subjectivity.

Our compulsion to collect, archive and document history is inherently human. These artists draw from personal and historical archives and cultural tropes to investigate the relationship between fact, fiction and memory.

The artists featured question our recording of cultural memory; investigate rituals and traditions; the whitewashing of popular culture; and memorialise and advocate for underrepresented communities.


Museum of Half Truths 致力利用這些機構的慣例去回應以上的提問,並以嬉戲的態度透視博物館的主觀臆斷。



Rachael Burns (b. 1994, UK) is a curator, producer and educator based in Manchester. She graduated from BA Photography at Manchester School of Art in 2016 and has since worked organising projects and exhibitions, teaching and running workshops.

She is a founding member of FORM; a collective of artists who work together through a series of experiments in collaboration. FORM have exhibited across the UK and in 2019 held the inaugural Derby Photo Fringe to coincide with Format International Photography Festival.

Rachael is currently working as Events Coordinator for Redeye, the Photography Network and with Photovoice, a charity working with photography ethically to promote positive social change alongside other freelance projects.

Polly Palmerini (b. 1995, Italy) is curator, educator and artist based in Manchester UK. Currently a Teaching Assistant on the BA Photography at Manchester School of Art and Club Tutor for National Saturday Club in Art and Design. Her practice concentrates on the materiality, malleability and performative quality of everyday objects, with an interest in objects found in her surroundings.

Since graduating, she has been working as a workshop leader for young people around Greater Manchester, which encourages widening participation and engagement in art.