Care: /ing /ful /less

Moderated by Yang Yeung

16th August 2020 > 11am-1pm UK / 6-8pm HK

A group discussion on a range of texts on the theme of ‘care’, selected by moderator Yang Yeung. As a group we use these works as a starting point to consider the role of care in the cultural sector and the wider world. All are welcome to listen along and contribute their thoughts and questions.

*The public programs are free of charge, all are welcome.

I imagine following Aby Warburg’s “law of good neighbours” in construing this reading list that will bring us together. Says Alberto Manguel, “Warburg constructed his library as a space uninterrupted by sharp angles, in which [connections] could retain endless mobility. In a sense, his library was an attempt to disclose, in all their rawness, the bare nerves of his thought, and to allow room for his ideas to migrate and mutate and mate.” (The Library at Night, 2006:205).
The readings respond to the idea of “care” proposed by the curators of Museum of Half Truths. The readings are chosen not so that there will be a comprehensive philosophical or theoretical argument on care, but more that they are first, hinges into the sensibility of our times, and second, keys to our power of learning from each other. All readings touch upon some form of restraint – psychological, social, political... All touch upon justice and freedom in some ways. All point to the possibilities of effecting change for good. Perhaps the readings could be regarded as the beginning of a book list that we can collectively shape in the long run, caring for the evolution of care in our lives and others’ together.” - Yang Yeung