Caterina Berti

Creative Project Intern 2021

“CAN YOU REPEAT” is a virtual exhibition that investigates the relationship between music and art. The aim is to find a creative solution to overcome the language barrier : thanks to a great collaboration between international upcoming artists and musicians, we try to translate and interpret artworks’ captions and descriptions with sounds.


1 - Photo by Cinthia Baseler, music by Cash Aura and Caterina Berti

“I took it 4 years ago in Dublin. It was the first time I saw a deer in person and I could not believe they were just hanging out in a regular park. Running into them was just surreal and magical. I shot this moment on film, and the red detail in the photo was a light leak in the camera, so it was not planned and I only got to see that when i developed the film”

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2 - Artwork by Karim, music by Jack Twaites

“This artwork was created during the lockdown with colours, canvas and random materials that I found in my house. I painted with my bare hands, without brushes or tools. In a time when were imposed prohibitions and limitations, the work is the mirror of the expressive freedom of art. A real liberating and distorted outburst, that does not follow canons or fixed rules.”

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3 - Photo by Caterina Berti, music by Cash Aura and Caterina Berti

“This is a photo of my grandparents, taken in 2016. It’s important to me because it’s the last picture taken of my grandfather before he died. It is not a particularly beautiful photo, you see signs of old age but not of any particular illness. This is a scene of daily life in a very common house. In fact since childhood he has been a fisherman, so does not portray a particularly significant moment. That’s probably why it’s still my favorite picture.”

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4 - Photo by Rebecca Burns, music by Jack Twaites

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