Ellie Rankin

Creative Project Intern 2021

The recent work made in collaboration with Museum of Half Truths has acted as an extension and continuation to my recent graduate work.  The project itself ‘Screen Games’ engulfed the entire crux of my artistic  practice. This practice is entirely process lead, and investigates the role  of technology in creativity, questioning whether the screen does in fact act as a barrier or a portal for creative insight.

“A game is played across dimensions, transporting each image back and forth between the real and the unreal, until its past digital life becomes an intangible memory. The work is an overarching effort to dissect and understand the shapes, forms and images that are fixed, and destined to exist only in the virtual, immaterial sphere.”

I have decided to temporarily conclude this research project by  focussing on these five practical outcomes. The shapes were initially  extracted from an online, virtual exhibition space, which then  progressed onto being both consciously and unconsciously manipulated and altered through travelling in and out of the screen,  across dimensions. 

I wanted to begin to explore this idea of the virtual gallery space  surpassing the physical space that we have found ourselves completely detached from throughout the past year. The outcomes seek to explore  and deconstruct this immaterial space in a playful, yet inquisitive manner.