Freya Pigott

My work generally involves working with others, for others, usually about public space. Ultimately, it’s about how we live together. It’s arrived at through overlooked elements of the everyday, be it the commute, street furniture or your local park. Through this, it opens up bigger questions around the urban/rural and access rights to public spaces, or lack of.

It’s primarily very research-led, explored through a variety of mediums – video, notes, sounds, conversations and more, being a mix of old and current, local and beyond. Through this I seek to bring unexpected things together to create a new context and open up conversation.

The research often becomes the work, or at other times the work is realised through gesture, influenced by Mika Hannula and Allan Kaprow. It rejects the material nature of the art world, instead very much being about lived experience. It seeks to frame and activate what’s already there.

I’m particularly keen to work with residents local to the chosen space of interest, using walks and workshops. I’m currently interested in exploring use of recorded audio (particularly radio) as a form of oral storytelling, archives to research and digital depictions, like Google Maps, to experience physical space.