Wai Lau 劉衛

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Born in Hong Kong, Wai currently lives and works in New York and Hong Kong. Her work utilizes photography, video, drawing and installation exploring the multilateral constructions of identity in relation to race, gender and the notion of belonging. She attempts to investigate how history, fiction, personal memory and virtuality collided in the process of identity formation through personal and historical archives, cinematic imagery, popular culture and digital media.


I am invincible...on the screen/ False motion tracking (2019/2020) 2-channel video, color, sound

I am invincible...on the screen/ False motion tracking

The screen on the left consists of still images extracted from eleven Hollywood movies and American TV series produced from the late 1930s to the late 1980s, in which they centered around the portrayals of characters with Chinese descent, also including stories being filmed in Hong Kong. I use a mobile application that has synthetic media technology to convert the characters from the still images and rewrite their lines.

The screen on the right is a character which I perform, named as the “Pre-CGI body”. The body which has dressed in a tight suit with a lot of motion tracking data points attached is widely seen in the pre-productions of commercials and movies where their actions and performances are used as a “material” for post-production to generate computer graphics or 3D animations on top of them. In spite of that, this “Pre-CGI body” I perform in the video is attached with fake tracking data points which do not function as it might suggest. This video was filmed after the one on the left was made. The body is re-enacting what has been created on the screen at the left, and they is not altering the characters on the other screen as it might appear to be from the