Past Projects ︎

1a Space, HK - 2020
exhibition, talks and events

                                                         Catalyst, 2022  ︎︎︎
Weston Zine - 2021
workshop ︎︎︎


Past Events  ︎︎︎            

Mapping the museum
30th June 11:00 to 16:00

In this workshop we will think about how we experience public spaces, and work towards developing our own alternative museum map. Through a variety of different playful drawing and creative writing exercises we’ll experiment with new forms of measuring, interpreting and presenting space. We will each create our own detailed studies of sections of the museum that together will produce a collaborative map. This workshop is an opportunity for anyone who would like to take a more thoughtful or creative look at how we describe and delineate space.

Language, translation, interpretation

30th June 11:00 to 16:00

This will be a playful workshop to help you think critically about the interpretation in museums and galleries, and the language we use to talk about art. We’ll experiment with language and typography to think about new ways to communicate meaning to audiences, and produce our own set of object descriptions for the museum. You will be introduced to a range of different quick writing exercises to help with writer’s block, and as a group we’ll consider ways to make museum interpretation more exciting, accessible and user friendly. This workshop could be an opportunity to practice a second language, to test out new methods of creative writing or to experiment with typography and the presentation of text.