Museum of Half Truths at 1a Space

︎ Moses Tan ︎ Lau Wai ︎ Stacey Chan
︎ Andrew Luk  ︎ Ip Wai Lung


1Moving Through Space 2Artist-led Tour 
3Making a Museum 
4Screening 5Panel Discussion
Care: /ing /ful /less


1Audrey Albert 2Alecia Neo 3Becky Warnock 4Bella Probyn
5Charles Turner 6Emma Crabtree 7Freya Pigott
8Hannah Lim 9Michelle Chan
10Rand Jasim
11Rebecca Burns 12Shireen Marican 13Tiffany Leung 
14Victoria Dahl 15Yang Yeung 16Yen Hui Teng


We were selected as the Emerging Talents in Contemporary Art by
1a Space, Hong Kong. The show and public programme was live on August 2020. 



Information / 1a Space

Museums and libraries are the repositories of history but they remain flawed and biased in their representation. How can we disrupt the pre existing structures which surround us? How can we represent fairly our many co-existing and conflicting memories and histories?

The Museum of Half Truths will aim to answer these questions by exploiting the conventions of these institutions to present a playful take on a museum that is transparent about its subjectivity.

Our compulsion to collect, archive and document history is inherently human. These artists draw from personal and historical archives and cultural tropes to investigate the relationship between fact, fiction and memory.

The artists featured question our recording of cultural memory; investigate rituals and traditions; the whitewashing of popular culture; and memorialise and advocate for underrepresented communities.


Museum of Half Truths 致力利用這些機構的慣例去回應以上的提問,並以嬉戲的態度透視博物館的主觀臆斷。




The screen on the left consists of still images extracted from eleven Hollywood movies and American TV series produced from the late 1930s to the late 1980s, in which they centered around the portrayals of characters with Chinese descent, also including stories being filmed in Hong Kong. I use a mobile application that has synthetic media technology to convert the characters from the still images and rewrite their lines.

The body is re-enacting what has been created on the screen at the left, and they is not altering the characters on the other screen as it might appear to be from the setting.


The screen on the right is a character which I perform, named as the “Pre-CGI body”. The body which has dressed in a tight suit with a lot of motion tracking data points attached is widely seen in the pre-productions of commercials and movies where their actions and performances are used as a “material” for post-production to generate computer graphics or 3D animations on top of them. In spite of that, this “Pre-CGI body” I perform in the video is attached with fake tracking data points which do not function as it might suggest.
This video was filmed after the one on the left was made.”



Moses Tan presents works from his recent series, Memorial for Boogie Street (2018). Incorporating drawing, sculpture, audio and virtual reality, Tan’s suite of works in By All Estimates seek to re-articulate often forgotten, repressed and censored queer histories of Singapore, especially of the communities and activities that centred around Bugis Street from the 1950s to the mid-1980s when the downtown area begun its transformation from a well-known (and well-frequented) site for cruising and transgender sex workers and their clients to what is today a haven for tourists with malls, markets and cultural institutions.

Andrew Luk

120 x 77 x 60厘米
Traversing Hollow Ground
120 x 77 x 60cm
Insulation foam, video, video monitor, media player